Problem Statement

The client named Beanstalk required a solution to help individual and small companies monetization their video content and hence profit from them. The application aimed to help individual low cost production houses and also larger companies having thousands (not millions) of views per day. Traditional monetization solutions required sites to have millions of view per day to get ad feeds from established advertising companies like Google, ScanScout and the like.

The Challenge

Major challenges faced during the incubation were-

  • Providing monetization solutions to even smaller individuals in terms of daily viewership (even as low as tens of views per day).
  • Leverage low cost cloud infrastructure.

TI Solution

TechInfiniti offered a Video Monetization Solutionthat allows video content publishers to monetize their video via multiple ad networks by streaming ads in multiple formats including pre, post, overlay and midroll. In addition Beanstalk has its own ad server called AdSeeds that allows advertisers to tap into myriad publishers. Beanstalk and Adseeds product development utilize myriad technologies including Java, PHP and Flex. The solution has the followingexceptional features

  • Facility of multiple ad formats such as pre-roll, overlay’s, post-roll, mid-roll, banners, companions, etc.
  • Flexibility in choosing ad network for a specific ad format.
  • A control panel so that users could configure their preferences.
  • Control panel to report viewer ship, ad impressions and revenue figures.
  • Provision of own ad network (realized via OpenX open source ad network).


  • Source of revenue generation
  • Flexibility of choosing adnetwork
  • Availability of monetization solution to smaller group
  • General marketing awareness creation and brand building