Commodity Exchange of Nepal (COMEN)

Problem Statement

The client wanted to build a full-fledged real-time exchange solution for commodity trading.

The Challenge

  • Architecting exchange solutions from scalability (no. of users and trading volumes) perspective
  • Real time Match making solution
  • Provision of surveillance
  • Provision of risk management
  • Provision of market making
  • Real-time validations
  • Intraday reports
  • Interday reports
  • Day closing
  • Integration of third party feeds

TI Solution

TechInfiniti developed a full-fledged commodity exchange for Commodity Exchange of Nepal (COMEN). The exchange support Client to Client Trading(CTCL) with full Back Office Functions and reports for clearing agents, brokers, sub-brokers and client and front office trading desktops for brokers and clients. The exchange supports Automatic Tradingand Market Makers also. It integrates with third party feeds for supporting automatic trading. TechInfiniti has been providing managing application services and providing 24×7 Data Center Management Services for hosting and managing the exchange out of its own datacenter.The back-office that is written in Java and uses Oracle. The exchange software includes trading platform and 11g and Timesten© databases respectively from Oracle. The client trading work station is written in Flex and is delivered the web browser via internet.


  • Availability of the entire solution at a very low cost
  • Fully automated software with minimal manual intervention
  • Generation of reports across trading cycle
  • Real time activities performed by different levels
  • Cost-effective trading solution
  • Solution for risk management and trade execution

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Commodity Exchange of Nepal

TechInfiniti Advantages

TechInfiniti offers innovative technology solutions that can be easily scalable with the requirement of the client and also our teams believe in ensuring that we keep ourselves abreast with the latest developments in the field of Information Technology.

TechInfiniti offers clients with services and solutions that are a perfect fit to their area of operations or expertise. Customization to suit the requirement of the client is one of the key areas we believe in and ensure we deliver on this parameter time and again.

TechInfiniti believes in using Open Source technology and collaborate the same with Commercial of the Shelf software for any domain which ensure that the total cost of ownership of the service or solution is reduced drastically and also the return on investment can be recovered in a short span of time.

TechInfiniti has always ensured that the services and solutions that are on offer to clients have the utmost quality standards. As the solution is customized to meet the requirement of the client, the performance of the service or solution is given utmost importance. We ensure that we consult the client on each and every aspect of operations that ensure that service or solution performs and delivers desired results to the client time and again.

TechInfiniti offers solutions which are developed using open source and commercial of the shelf software which results in making the solution more affordable to the client as the TCO and ROI factors help them incur huge amount of savings over a period of time.

TechInfiniti believes in providing quality solutions and services to all clients. This is a result of the methodology we use in creating the solutions or services for our clients by understanding their operational procedure and taking their suggestions on board during the developmental phase of the solution or service.

We at TechInfiniti have a unique development methodology where we using a combination of waterfall and scrum model of development. This includes getting the client involved during the developmental stage of the solution so that we could provide them with a solution or service that meets their specifications and also ensures that it delivers on all parameters defined by the client.

TechInfiniti as an organization has key capabilities when it comes to Infrastructure with over 4000 Sq Ft of facility which currently houses a data center with 24 hour power back up. With a connectivity of 7MBPS and 24 static IP address. A further 20000 sqft space is available for expansion.