Problem Statement

Evolve a product for entrepreneurs and startup groups from the core business model program developed by our clients for a Masters course. The requirement was to build a service based solution available on all computing devices such as Mobile, Tablets and laptops that leveraged cloud computing power to offer latest analytical tools and applications to startups and entrepreneurs that utilized latest collaboration techniques already found in ubiquitous Social apps.

The Challenge

Key challenges faced during the development cycle-

  • Cloud computing
  • Programming algos for analytical tools
  • Integration with various third party software and applications (such as QuickBooks, Blackboard, social networks)
  • Mobility solutions
  • User friendly interfaces

TI Solution

TechInfiniti developed a Cloud Based application, QBM that offers practical business applications, such as project management, Gantt Charts and an integrated calendar with automated notification. QBM is closely integrated with Google, Embedded Document Viewer API, Microsoft, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and collaborations managed as part of the business plan. QBM also can import contacts from all major online sources: Yahoo!, Gmail, Face book, Linked In, and hundreds of other groups. It includes dynamic service features such as-

  • Sample business plans
  • Section wizards
  • Descriptions research
  • Analysis tools
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Company valuation tools

The application also has integrated Web 2.0 features including-

  • Blogs
  • Micro blogs
  • Wikis
  • Chat


  • Access to pool of business plan
  • Leveraged power of cloud computing
  • Save thousands in consultant fees
  • Strong analytical tools gives precise proposed business overall perspective
  • Mobile enabled application

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