Problem Statement

The customer UAFDC is a statutory body constituted by the State Government that pioneered the concept of automated and centralized transaction management of minor mineral collection. UAFDC aimed to provide a better way of transaction management to improve government services, transactions and interactions with citizens, businesses, and other arms of government.

The Challenge

The primary model of the solution was to apply application into operations which were involving-

  • Operation in challenging environment with respect to remote location and connectivity
  • High financial value transaction (amounting to Rs.2cr in monetary terms)
  • High volumes of transaction in short time span (processing 24,000 transactions per day).
  • Consolidation of data from all division with minimum thousands of transaction per day, worth minimum Rs.1000 per transaction spread across the state
  • Minimal downtime
  • Each transaction is debited TCS (Tax Collected at Source) as stipulated by IT department. E-Filing of returns per location was another challenge
  • Strong requirement and business analysis as the entire process was to be computerized for the first time.

TI Solution

TechInfiniti offered Minor Mineral Sales Management System (MMMS). The entire operation of Project was recognized as one of the most successful government IT project till date, with Operations in 7 different remote locations spread over the foothills of Himalaya range in the state of Uttrakhand. The system is capable of processing 24,000 transactions per day amounting to Rs.2cr in monetary terms.
The following are the modules of MMMS-

  • Gate module – Point of Sale transaction
    • Entry / exit slip
    • Application integrated with weigh bridge
    • Calculation of all amounts for Corporation and Forest departments respectively
    • Issuance of Daily Progress Report and Daily Cash Report at the gates
    • Generation of data record
    • System managing over twenty thousand transaction worth over INR 20 million on daily basis
  • Sales Management Information System
  • Comprehensive management of information and consolidation of reports at all level
  • Division level : consolidation of all transaction at gate falling under that division
  • Regional level : consolidation of information from all divisions falling under that region
  • Head quarter level : consolidation of information from all regions of UAFDC in the state of Uttaranchal
  • Operational Support : TechInfiniti employees are placed in the remote locations across state to provide real time support with minimal down time


  • Automation of the entire mining process
  • Consolidation of data from different location across all levels
  • Report generation for Forest and Corporation separately
  • Automated tax filing
  • Generation of multiple and multi-level reports
  • Eradication of pilferage
  • 24 x7 assistance for smooth operation with near to zero downtime

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