TechInfiniti Matching Engine

TechInfiniti exchange solution is built on the TechInfiniti Matching Engine (TME). The TME is a low latency, high throughput trading engine, which supports real time price dissemination, order matching and has the ability to handle hundreds of orders. It also has prolific features like like back office, risk management and market making with circuit breakers (PP-Protection price) to cope with extreme market volatility.

Clearing and Settlement

The back office processes of TechInfiniti exchange solution are executed via TechInfiniti clearing module. The clearing module enables straight-through processing of trades executed via the TME and is configured to provide trade offset, position, delivery, fee, margin and collateral management. While the clearing module can be integrated with the TME, it can also be used as a standalone module.

Risk Management

TechInfiniti proposed module of Risk surveillance is a post-trade risk management module that can be integrated with TechInfiniti exchange and back- office system. Risk surveillance will provide real-time margin calculation using your proprietary margining methodologies or standard methodologies.

Trading and Order Management System

TechInfiniti front-office trading system integrates seamlessly with the exchange and back office system to provide high-speed order routing, pre-trade risk management, an open API and Internet-deployable, front-end trading applications. TechInfiniti front-office trading system is developed in Flex technology and is prepared to be launched in .NET technology. TechInfiniti order management system is built on resilient and scalable architecture that can support a large number of traders with high transaction volumes.

Key Trading Solution

  • Trading Solutions
    Powerful front-ends, FIX compliant for connectivity to enable trading across all major futures exchanges and liquidity pools.
  • Risk Solutions
    In build risk management system that calculates and manages risk in real- time.
  • Exchange Solutions
    End-to-end exchange and back office solutions that automate all steps in the trade cycle from front to back office.
  • Market Making Solutions
    Automated market making to create liquidity in the market using integration with various market data feeds.