Interactive Web-Based Applications

We have rich expertise in developing highly interactive web applications using AJAX frameworks such as jQuery, YUI as well as JSF components from IceFaces, RichFaces and PrimeFaces.

Scalable Enterprise Applications

We have hands on experience in designing scalable solutions using the complete J2EE suite including EJB, JMS, JMX, JPA, JAX-WS and many more. We also have the experience of porting the solution to different application servers including Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic and Websphere. With addition to that we have sound competence on EAI(Enterprise Application integration).

Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) Applications

Most of the enterprise applications we build today use at least some component of reporting, charts and business intelligence.

The enterprise application built by us imbibes reporting charts and business intelligence component for better and easy interpretation.

Multi-tiered Application

TechInfiniti has built expertise in developing multitiered applications which are 3 or 4 tiers. Three-tiered architecture extends the standard, two tier client and server model by placing a multithreaded application server between the non web-based client application and a backend database. Four-tiered architecture extends the three-tier model by replacing the client application with a Web browser and HTML pages.

Multi-threaded Realtime Applications

TechInfiniti has got hands on experience in design and developement of multithreaded realtime applications. Various application modules run in parallel under separate threads and share data on need basis.

Re-engineering of Legacy Applications

TechInfiniti can analyze your legacy application and propose a cost-effective, re-design/enhancement that will enable you to meet your business needs with a cutting-edge technologies of JAVA. We are experienced in re-working inefficient applications and offers to take on your existing application and enable it to satisfy 100% of your current requirements.