Competency Center

Business Intelligence

TechInfiniti’s Business Intelligence solutions provide flexible reporting that improves decision-making by a wide range of users. Our Business Intelligence solutions allows our clients to transform piles of complex data into actionable information. Our offered solutions have rich functionality, capable of satisfying complex customer requirements and has transformed into strategic tools to improve productivity and business performance.

eTCS/TDS Return generation Solutions

TechInfiniti provides custom integration solution for generation of eTCS/TDS returns to your existing software. It also provides customized solutions to automate your TDS/TCS processes right from challan entry to e-filing of quarterly returns.

Payroll Solutions with integrated EPF management

TechInfiniti’s Payroll management system not only simplifies payroll management but eliminates all complexities associated with EPF management including interest calculations and generation of monthly required statutory reports.

Custom Geographic Information Solutions

Map based solutions using Google Map visualization APIs.

Supply Chain Solutions

TechInfiniti’s proven supply chain solutions make management of stocks, inoices and collections for stockist/ super stockist/ distributors and even factories really easy to manage.


TechInfiniti’s CRM solutions is designed to improve the operational efficiency, enhance productivity and enable customer satisfaction and growth strategies. Our solution is easy to control with core focuss to satisfy your marketing requirements, generate reports, analyze customer needs & priorities.