At TechInfiniti, we practice sound application management process, which allows effective capture and reporting resolution of maintenance requests. Our Application Management Services (AMS) is directed not only to manage and optimize applications but also meeting the challenges involved in supporting obsolete technology and software. We offer off-shore and on-site application management services to provide you personalized and long-term support. We first understand your business domain, technology requirements and processes and then align team structures to deliver improved application support.

Our dedicated and competent system operations team of engineers is available 24×7 to provide administrative functions like:

Product Development

TechInfiniti has worked with various product development companies for product development and product maintenance / enhancement requirements.

Product Re-engineering

We have expertise in understanding applications and undertaking long term maintenance (bug fix and enhancements) for Java and .Net applications. We have processing for initiating and then successfully delivering on these projects.

System Administration

System Administration includes hardware maintenance services OS patch management, disk space management, firewall rules management, password management and backup and recovery procedures.

Database Administration

Our database administration services include plan/install/upgrade DBMS software, database monitoring, logical database design and implementation, DBMS disk space management and DBMS backup and recovery procedures.

Application Administration

Applications Administration services includes Application installation and configuration (E.g. for web servers, application servers), Application patches management and installation, Applications disk space management, security certificates management and Application monitoring and troubleshooting.

Some of the key features of our Application Maintenance are:

  • Decrease in Total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Continuous improvements in quality of services
  • Improve applications stability
  • Reduce support costs