At TechInfiniti we offer the bundled service package throughout the SLDC (software development cycle). We aim to be your reliable IT partner providing innovative technology solutions spawn value with custom solutions of highest quality. The process flow of product engineering starts at the very initial yet most crucial stage that is product ideation, gushing through entire development phases till its implementation and post implementation support.

Our Engineering process:

Generation of idea based on your business line to suit your environment to get you the extra edge. We dedicate resources to scrutinize your overall internal and external environment of in and beyond your premises.

Requirement gathering & iteration
Post generation of idea the immediate step is to find out the exact requirement and scaling the idea to practicality in order to bring its existence. Our R&D team digs into the niche of the idea, to come up with exact product requirements with a proactive approach in consideration to the changing business environment that is followed by structuring an itenary for its viability.

Proof of concept (POC)
Our product concepts are unique and different from any existing products or ideas in the environment, the same is then sent to client for its further approval and adaptation.

Ideas generated goes in vain if not incubated or developed properly, hence development becomes the most critical and crucial stage, where our technology sculptures nurture the idea and give it a shape and eventually the idea turns into product step by step. We develop the product according to industry standards or client specific tools and technologies.

Quality and testing
The product developed is developed strictly adhering to the quality standards (ISO2004:9000) and rigorously tested by our quality experts to ensure its correct functionality. We also release beta version to the client for getting a feel and testing the product at their end.

Product release
Once the beta version gets approved, the final product is launched with both the parties mutual consent.

We assist our client with full implementation process of the product at the client’s site, ensuring its proper functionality. We also train the end user on essential product skills reinforcing best product use.