Our Storage Management Service provides a suite of services that helps you plan, implement and manage storage services and achieving financial goals without compromising security. Our cost effective and efficient storage system is designed to support the needs of your business and to provide the freedom to easily consolidate, protect, manage, access, and recover stored data. We have defined strategies which enable you to meet the demand for storage requirements without cutting corners on security and integrity of your data.

  • Storage planning and design: Understand the various user and application storage needs and develop an effective storage infrastructure design
  • Storage solution implementation: Install and configure storage devices, SANs, NASs and “storage clouds” that best meet the needs of your end-users and business applications
  • Storage monitoring & management: Proactive monitoring of storage service levels and identify critical conditions before end-users notice performance degradation
  • Storage optimization: Analyze existing storage implementation, develop and implement optimization techniques to ensure best price-to-performance ratio
  • Backup and Archiving: Develop backup plans and implement backup solution to backup/archive mission-critical enterprise data for compliance and disaster-recovery scenarios