Java Competency

Start now with 50% off on our regular price for first month
Q. Why have we reduced prices for first month?
A. There are several reasons for doing this:

  • To provide a ‘review’ period to customers
  • Enable Customer team to get ‘used to’ our offshore development team.
  • Level of engagement grows with any new engagements.
  • We are looking for strategic partnerships with long term engagements.
  • This pricing is also valid for a shorter one or two months engagement (we believe you will surely come back at a later date when you again have a requirement).
  • Please get Contact Us for futher details
  • Also review our Case Studies for further details on this competency.

Our Java Competency specializes in Java and J2EE technologies and provides software solutions for any type of business. Such high-performance, flexible, future-ready, platform-independent software solutions are built using proven software development methodologies and best practices in architecture.

Our professionals in Java Competency Center, comprising experienced & certified developers and architects, can help our customers in areas such as:

  • Custom and product software development using internet and client/server technologies
  • Online business solutions with powerful web strategies
  • Adapting to N-tier and thin client (RIA) architecture, and WEB 2.0 solution concepts
  • Web services